Retro Review – Doom Multiplayer (PC)

Doom is the first game to have Deathmatch online Multiplayer. Which would be expanded upon in Quake, Unreal Tournament and many other first person shooters to come. John Romero alledgly spent most of his time deathmatching on Doom and Doom 2 during the production of ID softwares later games, and with the gameplay being this addictive you can see why. With an assortment of widely different weapons, The pistol, shotgun,super shotgun,chaingun,rocket launcher plasma gun,BFG 9000 and chainsaw the gameplay is fast and brutal.
Zdaemon allows you to play the game with one of the thousands of mods for Doom, or Doom 2 or to play the vanilla game as it was back in the early 1990’s. For the few people out there who haven’t played Doom, I urge you to join us on the Zdaemon server. My username is comiccon you can add me to your buddy list if you want for a few rounds of good old deathmatch like it’s 1993 all over again. You’ll need a copy of doom/doom 2 to play the respective games and WADs.

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